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Pepero Day Message to each other

[Translation] To TeamAdonis Board - Jessica and Tiffany’s Messages


Hello~ 안녕 여러분!^^
Hello everyone!

오랜만에 Teamadonis를 통해
It’s been awhile since I’ve been on Teamadonis
글을 써요! 여러분 오래 기다리셨죠!
writing like this! You’ve waited for quite some time haven’t you?
그런데 그저께 빼빼로데이였잖아요!
It was Pepero (korean Pocky) day the day before yesterday!
여러분이 보내주신 빼빼로들과 편지를
Seeing everyone Pepero gifts and letters
보고 눈물이 나올뻔했어요!
almost made me cry!
Thank you for all the PePeros~^ㅅ^

With Love, Jess… ♡


Hello~~ lovers!! 파니 왔어요!!
Fany is here!!
시카가 갑자기 여기에 글을 쓰는 거 보고
Seeing Sica suddenly writing here,
파니도 써요~ ㅎ Hmm… 요새 공홈에도 글을 쓰고
Fany will also write~ ha~ Recently we/I’ve been writing messages at sites
여기에도 글을 쓰니깐 SURPRISE가 안되요-XOXO-
so writing here shouldn’t be a surprise (this part could be translated wrong, ^^; )
그래도 여러분과 더 많이 만날 수 있겠다는 생각에…
Even so, just thinking that we can see everyone more…

I love U S♡NE!! Thank u for every things you guys gave us!

God Bless You…♡